Little Tucker simply focuses on fueling your body with delicious food made from real ingredients. Everything we make is plant-based, gluten, dairy and refined sugar free and we never substitute the good stuff with fillers or preservatives. We are passionate about celebrating food and believe it is there to be enjoyed as well as to nourish our minds and bodies. Rather than depriving and starving our bodies with crazy diets and cleanses, we choose to create beautiful food with simple, wholesome ingredients that will make you feel great. So, whether you have tricky food allergies or preferences, or a sweet tooth that just won't give in, Little Tucker has the perfect guilt-free treat that your body will thank you for! 

We pride ourselves

We pride ourselves on the way we create and we believe that plant based foods is the key to a sustainable lifestyle (and earth, too!). Everything we produce is made from scratch with our own hands. Our products are packed with high quality, fair trade superfoods that come straight from the earth to fuel your body, not weigh it down. We are also big believers in giving back to our community which is why Little Tucker contributes a percentage of profits The Mustard Seed every month. This means every purchase you make helps grow hope, build community and support change for those who need it most.

Laura created Little Tucker in 2015 when she began making healthy snacks for local farmers markets around Calgary. It simply began as her playground to explore her creative side, love of food, and her humble desire to share her passion with others. Before this, Laura moved from Australia where she grew up in an Italian household, watching her parents spend hours pouring love into a meal, attending family gatherings centered around a table piled high with home-made goodies and watching as her grandparents harvested food from their ever-abundant and highly prized gardens. Once in Canada, she wanted to see plant-based, wholesome foods become more accessible. She created Little Tucker to devote herself to doing just this – providing people with beautiful, real food that is easy to enjoy every day. She is continually committed to showing people how simple food can be enjoyed and help your body live to its full potential. 

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